Since March of 2020, SFC has hosted the 9:30 Call which runs Monday–Thursday from 9:30–10:00 AM via Zoom. This community includes over 1,700 individuals and guest speakers from early education and care, community-based organizations, nonprofits, research, philanthropy, business, higher education, state and local government, K-12, health, human services, economic development, law, and more. By convening this daily community, SFC has helped everyone get on the same page, share updates, and develop action steps. LEARN MORE >
The Early Childhood Agenda We launched The Early Childhood Agenda in October 2022 building on the lessons of The 9:30 Call, Advocacy Network, and our long-standing history of convening the early education and care community. These inclusive and engaging meetings for the entire early childhood field are leading to a stronger advocacy agenda, and more resilient and interconnected field. Over 1,000 individuals helped develop The Agenda for 2023–2025, which includes policy goals for childcare, workforce development, food security, family tax credits, community health, and program quality. LEARN MORE >
The Advocacy Network SFC is building a stronger advocacy infrastructure for our early childhood professionals, families, and communities here in Massachusetts. Our Advocacy Network for Early Education and Care is a unique yearlong advocacy experience for educators/leaders in the sector. SFC supports advocates with tools and resources, including “Advocacy 101” training, one-on-one support, networking, and leadership opportunities. LEARN MORE >
Eye on Early Childhood Our blog about the early childhood practices, polices, and research that help children and their families thrive. We share the voices of families, early educators, advocates, and policymakers. LEARN MORE >

DONATE TO OUR EFFORT: SFC is supported by local, regional and national foundations and philanthropies. We also value contributions by indiviual donors to further our mission. LEARN MORE >

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